Friday, September 15, 2017

"Today in Church History" Sept. 14, 1741

Today we remember the completion of George Fredrick Handel's "The Messiah." Handel completed his composition on this day in 1741. It took Handel twenty-four days to write the piece. 

In a culture that more and more marginalizes Christianity, "The Messiah" is performed by secular musicians during Christmas and Easter. Seldom do people protest the performance of this great work which is full of Biblical references. 

I often wonder what would happen if we taught our teens and young adults English Bible, systematic theology, and apologetics. Then encouraged them to make an influence for Christ in their chosen vocation. 

Perhaps we would have more Christians like Handel making an impact for Christ on our culture. But for this to happen, we must give our youth a solid "World Life View. "Sad to say, this is seldom taught in churches today. SDG 
Pastor Dan Korzep



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