Saturday, September 16, 2017

Diary week ending Sept 16th 2017

Sunday 10th Sept
Once again a computer sabbath. I have put on FB photos of our services yesterday showing our two temporary locations though we have been at the morning one for over two years. The joy of church growth. Our superintendent of adult Sunday School announced he had made a mistake and double booked engagements next week so I have volunteered to bring forward my next Reformation Heroes talk on William Tyndale so this week is one for preparation.Paul Levy was back preaching after his two month plus summer break. He was excellent on the hope of the new creation, Is 65, then the start of a series on the Holy Spirit in the evening. I gave him a little something to mark his 14 years as our pastor, a thank you for the blessing that has come to us through his ministry.

Mon 11 Sep 17

Spent time on sending this but no response from local media to this today. Good news is no news for secularists.
Press release from the International Presbyterian Church, West Ealing
On Monday September 11th the International Presbyterian Church, Drayton Green , West Ealing is is to commence building work on a £2,200,000 project building a new chapel to seat 300, plus ancillary buildings. Under the 14year ministry of Rev Paul Levy the congregation was more than doubled in size to 120 adult members (plus children) from about 35 different countries and outgrown out present Grade 2 listed chapel bought in 1979 from the nuns of the former St Helena's Home which was next door before demolition by Notting Hill Housing Trust. Plans to build new premises were first made 27 years ago but now building is to start, finishing it is planned in July 2018.

Most of the morning I was Great Western Village medical centre in Northolt for the ulcer clinic. My legs were washed and bandaged and seem to be healing. As they are bandaged all the time the only indication I usually have is that the frequency of pain is significantly reduced as is therefore consumption of analgesics. At home I continued to prepare my adult Sunday School class on Tyndale. I also received and accepted a request to lead house group this week so a little more preparation to do. Rachel and Adrian and the children ate dinner with us as their kitchen facilities were affected by the renovations. We reminisced on how we heard the terrible news from new York 16 years ago. 
Adrian tells me all the church building money is now pledged and the builders instructed to start work on our new IPC buildings.

Tues 12 Sept

I took a break from my preparation on Tyndale for Sunday School to attend Ealing Lunchtime Talk at the Town Hall. For the first time since hospitalisation I went by bus. It was late and twosome together so I was five minutes late for the start of Gethin Jones's talk on the Parable of the Sower. Afterwards I booked an eye test and did a little grocery shopping.

Wed 13 Sep

 At Civic Ammenity Recycling Centre.We took a load to the dump this morning but she brought me back. This evening I led our house group on IPC Gospel Distinctives, a document from our presbytery which proved to be in need of a glossary for church members e.g atomistic, forensic. First house group after the summer two month break.

Thurs 14 Sep

Preparing for tube to Heathrow, B.A. to Aberdeen and two days of IPC presbytery. Today I plan to research Rutherford's exile in Aberdeen. 

 at Aberdeen Airport. 12:29Aberdeen. Arrived and met with my fellow IPC elder Simon.
is in Aberdeen 14:17Looking up Rutherford in the city library. Then a lift and hospitality from members of Trinity IPC here.
Friday 15 Sept
at The Mission Church Aberdeen. sitting on IPC candidates and credentials committee beforeIPC presbytery being addressed by Prof. Donald MacLeod on the threefold offices of Christ, prophet priest and king.Presbytery business until dinner at 6 p.m. then we removed to a suitable hostelry, that is those of us wishing for local liquid refreshment. The local pastor had already reminded me I owe him a dram. 35 men at IPC presbytery today. Visitors are welcome so though our presbyters must be male; ladies are welcome to attend not merely as pianist or cook.

at Aberdeen Northern Hotel.About ten from presbytery enjoyed liquid refreshment together. Our Trinity Church meets here for their Sunday services.

Sat 16 Sep 17

Morning final presbytery meeting with ambitious plans to plant more IPC churches in the next 20 to 30 years. Will I be looking down on them by then? Taxi to airport after lunch. With my stick I had priority boarding. On time to Heathrow. Katy picked me up from the tube. I am told Alex Salmon was sitting in front of me on the plane. Fortunately for him I was not in his row. But rather him than Mrs Frankie.

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