Monday, September 04, 2017

Films viewed in September 17

1.  Far From The Madding Crowd - Carey Mulligan (Actor), Michael Sheen (Actor), Thomas Vinterberg (Director)  

Beautifully filmed with good acting but why why cannot we have clear dialogue? Talking in church during a hymn is bad manners. It was impossible to overhear clearly. There were other sloppy sound reproduction of diction too, hence only four star.
   I remember the Julie Christie version but it is so long ago I cannot compare, in fact I had forgotten the plot. I usually enjoy Hardy dramatised. Love the period. But once again the plot really is Hardy the unrealistic romantic. If is wears red uniform he will be a rogue unworthy of the affections of the silly misguided heroine who in this case cannot recognise two good suitable suitors and falls for the blaggard. It may be unrealistic romance but it is most enjoyable.

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