Sunday, September 14, 2014

More texts from Nigeria

Main advances of BH have been into Adamawa State going beyond Madagali to Gulak and Bazza where the Catholic Church and Chiefs palace and houses were destroyed.  People took shelter in the secondary school but many fled.  Michika/Amjawa  were then attacked.  Captives have been rounded up, with Christians identified and then massacred.  The key larger town of Mubi was then under threat. Soldiers have fought back but generally been overwhelmed.  People are fearful of many more Muslims joining BH for their own security so increasing the threat of a religious war on a larger scale.

Over the weekend there has been a fight back with fighter jets bombing and foot soldiers engaging BH in street fighting around Michika. A curfew was imposed Saturday and Sunday.  Soldiers are trying to stop people fleeing out of Mubi and to restore order.  The army attacked and killed 50 insurgents at a secret camp not far from Maiduguri and one piece of artillery, 2 anti aircraft guns and an armoured car plus various ammunitions were found and destroyed.  One officer and two soldiers were seriously hurt.  

On Saturday though the village of Lamb Gyambar in Wase LGA in Plateau State was attacked with 6 people killed including one baby and many houses burnt  This is a region that has been at peace for some time.  A car bomb was discovered in Jos on Friday and it was said by the media that it was aimed at Muslims going to their mosque, but it was seen as an attempt to destabilise that part of town with non Muslims being charged of planting it.  Apparently there was no mosque nearby.

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