Thursday, September 25, 2014

Latest from Nigeria

Things turned awful in the North. A Caliphate was set up in Gwoza. Many towns and villages were attacked again but most of the Christians had already gone but many Moslems were killed. Refugees really suffered, they ran from one place to another.Over 28000 have fled to Cameroon. Others went to Taraba State and some came to Jos. Yesterday we got reports that many more soldiers had been sent to the whole area.Some B/H have been caught  and some have surrended and are now helping the soldiers. There is a great effort to prevent B/H from taking Mubi and Maiduguri. It is not easy for the soldiers as B/H can attack in there thousands and so the soldiers are overpowered. The B/H are training many thousands. We need your prayers as they have said October could be a bloody month. They have attacked other States and are going further south. 

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