Sunday, September 14, 2014

Holiday in Scotland - Day 14 Great Bernera

I rose to see the dawn over the loch by the house. The rising sun shone on the bridge. Outside was 55F but too good not to sit and read outside before breakfast. We spent the day exploring Great Bernera which we had visited seven years ago. From the house we can see the bridge to Great Bernera, constructed in 1951 and known as the Bridge Across the Atlantic. In the morning we were on the south east of the island and at Circebost found the workshop of a French wood worker who had the most amazing wooden toys and other clever artefacts all made from local woods or driftwood. We bought a lovely Celtic cross to adorn our wall when we return. We lunched at the house then explored the north and west of the island in beautiful sunshine. So we have pictures of tropical looking sea and beach at Bostadh which has the most beautifully situated cemetrey possible . Nearby an iron age settlement was uncovered by a big storm and a replica iron age hut has been constructed. All the roads are single track with passing places except for a few which do not have sign posted passing places.

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