Friday, September 26, 2014

From the Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ in Nigeria

(25/9/14)  250 more BH terrorists surrendered to the military in Borno and Yobe States. These figures may be exaggerations though.  It was reported that 300 BH surrendered to Cameroonian troops.  However BH in Gwoza are holding women as human shields against an attack by the army.  At the same time though BH continued on the rampage in Hawul LGA in South Borno last night.
The killing in ERCC area was actually more than 30, it was 43 people. At Fadan Karshi 11 people, Karshi Daji 30 people and Ung. Gayer 2 people. Sanga LGC is 80% of Christians are ERCC. And so, out of these numbers of people killed ERCC suffered more The wife of Rev. burned, yes is ERCC’s wife. The wife of Rev. Y (Rtd). Cars were burned in ERCC yard (  In Karshi Daji, amongst killed were the Rev. of ECWA Church and his wife. In Ungwan Gayen- ERCC Rev’s house who burned  Today a village after Assakio to Shedam was attacked by the Fulani – correct report has not been collected yet. We visited Wamba – F/Karshi, Assaakio and Obi Yesterday as to encouraged our members who are victims of these crisis. We thank God, for safety before today’s attack. We visited Ayu also, yesterday since we were at F/Karshi and Karshi Daji is a village behind Ayu, where 30 people were killed we were there to see the progress of the work and as well as to encourage them because of fear of these attack and killing. The work in Ayu has gone to 70-80% as at yesterday.

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