Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Escalation in Borno

News  today 2/9 was that the army could not retake and hold Madagali town and the BH have now totally taken over and set up their own rulers.

Then on Saturday Bama army barracks was attached and the insurgents were repelled and 100 of them killed.  Then yesterday they returned in numbers and totally overwhelmed the army and took over the camp, then the town killing all except some women.  Their aim now seems to use Bama as a launching place to attack Maiduguri.  

Also today news came through that Wukari in Taraba State (that’s south of the River Benue and where in the early days of SUM the mission ran a Freed Slaves Home). Confirmation came through a little later to say the call to prayer came at 5.30am with gun shots so attracting many people but then insurgents in army uniforms shot down 3 non muslim youths leaving also many injured.  There was pandemonium in the town.  

So these things are going on right now - how we need to cry to God to stop these horrific evil events.  The army seem powerless but our trust is in God alone.

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