Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Holiday in Scotland - Day 20 Kyle to Perivale

We drove 610 miles home in 12 and a half hours. The first miles saw perfectly still lochs in morning sunshine, perfect reflections but we did not have time to stop and snap. After being southbound to Spean Bridge and misty in the Great Glen we headed east on the road to Perth. Our first 100 miles was 2 hours of twisty single caraige way but once we hit the A9 going south we started with some dual carriageway and after Perth it was so all the way. In the east No sings predominated. From Perth it was south west A80 and M80 to go south of Glasgow then A74 and M74 to Gretna. In England it was M6 to the south of Birmingham. After a stop at Preston for fuel we managed to go off the route at Charnock Richard services so had a little country detour back to the M6 and east of Birmingham. M42 south of B"ham took us to M43, M40 and home by 9.30pm.

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