Monday, September 12, 2011

Two EDL members were stabbed Sunday evening on Edgware Road

This is an individual's report.

Two EDL members were stabbed Sunday evening on Edgware Road by a group of rampaging muslim thugs. The air ambulance was dispatched very promptly and landed at Marble Arch but appeared not to be used, with the injured being transferred instead by ambulances to the local St Mary's hospital. Will be interesting to see how the media cover this story, if at all! Seen some initial minimal coverage on BBC London. Any one have any news on what condition the injured are now in? The group were drinking in the Tyburn Wetherspoons pub at the bottom of Edgeware Road, having been pushed out of Speakers Corner, Hyde Park by the police - who seemed happy to leave a threatening and aggressive contingent of muslims present in the park. Andy Choudhary's motley bunch of Muslims Against Crusades had previously been allowed to hold a very loud and visible static protest right on the edge of Grosvenor Square in view of the American Embassy. Though we would all agree with the right for free speach, surely this protest, with loud speakers so close to the ceremony remembering the 3000+ who died on 9/11, was incredibally insensitive and innappropriate. They could have easily been given a pen to hold their protest in a few yards further down a side road and not so directly disturbed the bereaved. Upon arriving at the 9/11 ceremony, London mayor, Boris Johnson had to walk right past the MAC demonstration and received a barrage of abuse from them. Other attendees at the ceremony also suffered the same. I would imagine that Boris and they were all as disgusted as I was in the appalling decision to allow them to demonstrate in this position. After their protest MAC were allowed, amongst quite chaotic scenes, to march up Hyde Park Lane, around Marble Arch, up Edgware Road, along Marylebone Road and northwards towards Regents Park - in all, a march of a few miles through the streets of central London. Why these anti-British morons are allowed to so openly march through London spitting out their vile nonsense astounds me. Yet again, one rule for them and ...... However, the open opposition expressed by many other 'normal' Muslims on Edgware Road as they passed was clear and good to see. The police presence was pitifully low and the police appeared completely unprepared and confused. Their attentions were of course focussed on the bystanders who expressed any views against the marchers rather than on the testorone high morons in the march, many with covered faces. When one MAC member was hauled out by the Police to the aggressive consternation of his colleagues, two minutes later he was allowed to rejoin the group. No doubt Mr Choudhary will view this as another successful PR stunt, but lets hope that even the undoubted biassed media coverage will help the general public view this vile man with the contempt he deserves. And maybe if the Government moves to outlaw MAC, Choudhary won't be allowed to simply re-brand under another name. Its is a complete joke that when islam4uk was banned and MAC was set up. Initially Choudhary denied any connection with this new group, a pretence which he has long since dropped!------------

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