Sunday, January 27, 2008

Elizabeth [1998] film

A lavish film, well acted, but I was put off seeing it earlier by reviews critical of the unhistorical nature of the portrayal.
In the film, Elizabeth finds out from Sir William Cecil that Robert Dudley is married, but Elizabeth in reality attended his wedding. though she may not have known about his second marriage . Elizabeth and Henri, Duke of Anjou two never met .William Cecil was not old when Elizabeth began her reign, . He was not retired by the queen but remained one of her most trusted advisors until his death, shortly before hers. Walsingham was not involved in the death of Mary of Guise who died of dropsy. Elizabeth had brown eyes from her mother Anne Boleyn .
I found the film to have too much explicit sex and another intrusion of the 21st century was some lines which seemed historically out of place. that Elizabeth took on the role of virgin Queen to give the English a substitute for popular devotion to the Virgin Mary seems far fetched. But if you are ignorant of the historic realities you will enjoy the drama. Some modern Roman Catholics should objected to the film but I think the cruelty of a subversive and persecuting Catolicism is factual, as is the torture used by the Protestant regime too. The cast is splendid. It was interesting to see Eric Cantona off the football pitch.

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