Friday, January 25, 2008

Charismatic -

A friend of mine is into Charismatic Acupuncture. You don't have to go. You'll just fall down and......ooooooooo.., that's much better...

Christ did not enchant men; He demanded that they believe in Him: except on one occasion, the Transfiguration. For a brief while, Peter, James, and John were permitted to see Him in His glory. For that brief while they had no need of faith. The vision vanished, and the memory of it did not prevent them from all forsaking Him when He was arrested, or Peter from denying that he had ever known Him.-- W. H. Auden, A Certain World [1971]

The Fanaticism which discards the Scripture,under the pretence of resorting to immediate revelations is subversive of every principle of Christianity. For when they boast extravagantly of the Spirit, the tendency is always to bury the Word of God so they may make room for their own falsehoods. John Calvin

The characteristic of the present age is craving credulity. -- Benjamin Disraeli (Earl Beaconsfield). 1805-1881. Speech, Nov. 25, 1864.

An erroneous principle, than which scarce any has proved more mischievous to the present glorious work of God, is a notion that it is God's manner in these days to guide His saints by inspiration, or immediate revelation.... As long as a person has a notion that he is guided by immediate direction from heaven, it makes him incorrigible and impregnable in all his misconduct.
Jonathan Edwards, Some Thoughts Concerning the Present Revival of Religion in New England, p.1:404

The goal of revival is conformity to the image of Christ, not imitation of animals.-- Richard F. Lovelace

Charismania is pietism gone to seed. -- Dick Lucas

He who is not a charismatic when he is young has no heart. He who is still a charismatic when he is old has no brain. --Chris Stamper


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