Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Calvin -

After the reading of Scripture, which I strenuously inculcate, and more than any other ... I recommend that the Commentaries of Calvin be read ...For I affirm that in the interpretation of the Scriptures Calvin is incomparable, and that his Commentaries are more to be valued than anything that is handed down to us in the writings of the Fathers -- so much that I concede to him a certain spirit of prophecy in which he stands distinguished above others, above most, indeed, above all. -- Jacobus Arminius

He that will not honor the memory, and respect the influence of Calvin, knows but little of the origin of American independence. -- George Bancroft

Calvin's Institutes, in spite of its imperfections, is, on the whole, one of the noblest edifices ever erected by the mind of man, and one of the mightiest codes of moral law which ever guided him. -- Francois Pierre Guizot

Those who consider Calvin only as a theologian fail to recognize the breadth of his genius. The editing of our wise laws, in which have had a large share, does him as much credit as his Institutes ....So long as the love of country and liberty is not extinct among us, the memory of this great man will be held in reverence. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Du contrat social. 1792

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