Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Comprehensive List of Perpetrated Attacks in Plateau State from 29th May 2015 to October 2017.

1. 29/05/15-Over 500 gunmen attacked Shonong Village, Barkin Ladi destroying and burning 250 houses and displacing over 1000 people. 2. 10/06/15-June 10-About 9 villages in BarkinLadi were attacked leaving 20 people dead. 3. 11/6/15-Rakung Village, Barkin Ladi was attacked leaving 4 dead. 4. 15/6/15-There was a gun battle at Hawon Kibo, Riyom LGA of Plateau State, supposedly between Berom and Fulani. 5. 16/6/15-Gun battle led to death of 6 persons at Rahoss, Riyom. 6. 17/6/15-It was alleged soldiers killed a woman and injured 1 in Heipang Barkin Ladi LGA of Plateau State. 7. 17/6/15-Fulani gunmen shot and killed the Pastor of Living Faith Church Kuru karma at Gada Bui area in Barakin Ladi LGA of Plateau State. 8. 23/6/15-At a military check point at Hawankibo, Riyom LGA of Plateau State, 4 persons were killed. 9. 1/7/15-Fulani terrorists had a gun battle with soldiers, it led to the death of 2 soldiers around Mararaban Foron; Barakin Ladi of Plateau State. 10. 4/7/15-A Fulani terrorist’s gun attack at Bisichi, Jos South, Plateau State which led to the death of a student and another critically injured. 11. 5/7/15-Twin bomb blasts rocked the city of Jos, Plateau State capital it led to the death of 48 persons. 12. 5/7/15-A man was shot and killed by Fulani terrorists, at Bom village around Mararaban Kantoma on Barakin Ladi/Mangu LGA border in Plateau State. 13. 5/7/15-In reaction to the 5/7/15 blast at Yantaya Mosque in Jos, Muslims mob set ablaze the Cherubim and Seraphim Church in Dilimi. 14. 7/7/15-About 13 persons in Sho, Barkin Ladi were attacked and killed by marauders. No one was held responsible. 15. 12/7/15-2 bombs were detonated at ECWA Gospel 1, Tudun Wada, Jos, Plateau State, there were no casualties. 16. 16/7/15-2 promising students of GSS Dorowo Tsoho before Razek in Fan in Barkin Ladi were killed. 17. 21/7/15 There was tension in Barkin Ladi as 8 people were killed in multiple attacks. 18. 26/7/15 Attack on Sho village, Barkin Ladi left 3 persons dead. 19. 26/7/15-There was a Fulani guerrilla attack from Gindinakwati, Barkin Ladi at Sho village and Kura Falls of Barkin Ladi LGA in Plateau State. 20. 6/8/15-It was alleged that 18 Cattle were killed, community leader attacked In Plateau Village. 21. 6/8/15-Fulani marauders at Rakung area of Barkin Ladi town, fired gunshots from their houses and were cutting down crops of Berom people. 22. 7/8/15-Gunmen attacked Rakung in Barakinladi LGA of Plateau State. Villagers fled the villages. 23. 10/8/15-There were clashes in Bisichi which led to the death of 3 persons and injury of 1 person. 24. 10/8/15-4 travellers were killed In kassa, Barkin Ladi, Plateau State 25. 11/8/15-Bisichi, Kwi and Kassa were under attack simultaneously by the Fulani marauders. 26. 13/8/15-There was an attack at Gana-Ropp, Barkin Ladi, Plateau State. 27. 14/8/15-2 Fulani were arrested with arms while grazing at Bisichi by the STF. The STF wanted to let them go. 28. 30/8/15-2 killed in Jol, Barkin Ladi, Plateau State. 29. 8/9/15-1 person killed by Fulani terrorists at Bangai, Riyom, Plateau State. 30. 9/9/15-1 person killed at Bachi, Riyom, Plateau State. 31. 13/9/15-Around 8 pm, Fulani terrorists brutally attacked 7 villages in Barkin Ladi. These include: Zakupwang village, Fan Villages of Foron District, Nding village of Fan-Loh District and others. 13 people were reported killed. 32. 13/9/15-Muslim youths protested against the mounting of barricade around ECWA Gospel, Church, Tudun Wada. They said the barricades block the road to their community. They then opened fire in an attempt to disperse the protesters and injured 4 persons. 33. 17/9/15 About 4 truck loaded with Fulani terrorists arrived in MAHANGA and embarked on serious attack on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the week. 34. 20/9/15-Hausa-Fulani mercenaries attacked Bisichi-Rakara 2 but were repelled by a vigilante group. 35. 29/9/15-Fulani terrorist shot and killed 2 men having their dinner at their home in Kantoma village of Mangu LGA in Plateau State. 36. 1/10/15-Fulani terrorists shot 3 people at Kantoma village, Barkin Ladi, Plateau State. 37. 4/10/15-Unknown attackers slaughtered a man called Maitunbi around Mairana village of Mangu LGA in Plateau State. 38. 8/10/15-Fulani herdsmen ambushed and killed 4 youths around 10 am in Chevelnyap in Rim, Riyom LGA, Plateau State. 39. 9/10/15-Fulani terrorists attacked Gembos, a Berom Community on Barakinladi border with Mangu LGA of Plateau State. 40. 10/10/15-Fulani gunmen in their number gathered to attack Fan village in Barakinladi LGA of Plateau State. Sources said vigilantee men repelled the attackers School in Gindiri, Mangu LGA, Plateau State. 41. 18/10/15-Report says the Special Task Force
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