Saturday, November 11, 2017

Diary w/e Nov 11

Sunday Nov 5
A memorable morning with three new elders ordained including my son in law Adrian. I believe it is the first time IPC has had so many ordained at once unless it might have happened when we received elders from a former Church of Scotland congregation. I feel justifiable pride to have, Adrian, a second generation of the family join the session, almost as proud as the day I gave him my daughter Rachel as his wife. Ian Hamilton preached from Is 42, very challenging awn serving as a servant of the Lord. Then we had two generations of the Littles round for roast beef and Yorkshires. I explained it was not quite as grand as my Nigerian ordination in 1978 when a bull of ordination was served at the feast - a whole bull!. In the evening anther treat with Ian Hamilton on the shrewd steward, Luke 16. We are to use our wealth wisely to receive our reward of welcome in heaven. Photos on Facebook.

Mon 6 Nov

First draft of Christmas letter, a personal record time. First enlarged session meeting last night with the four new elders all participating.  Paul Levy reminded the session that our membership is not over 100 now but past 150. Children are members too. 

Tues 7 Nov

To Brent Cross where John Lewis exchanged wrongly supplied electric bulbs without quibble but they will charge me £28 for a new glass shade on a light costing £35. I would not pay it but SWMBO wants it to make a new pair by our bed. Driving back she evidenced her gyratophobia. Once bumped, for ever shy, she will not do the gyratory so we diverted back via Alperton and Perivale, a nostalgic route. 

Wed 8 Nov

I am reading a book sent to me for review. It is by an Igbo, the biography of her great uncle an RC bishop from Onitsha and contains a comprehensive account of the start on missionary work there by Crowther and the CMS.,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srchFirst house group on 1 Samuel.

Thur 9 Nov

Blogging my autobiography for secondary school years. First Greenford lunchtime talks by Chris Roberts. Only IPC people there so far. Contacting joiners for a quote on alcove shelving. Cooked butter chicken with Dal and for the first time did not set off the smoke alarm which was fitted close to the cooker.For the first time ever, when I rang someone offering Sunday lunch at ours, they turned it around and will will eat at theirs. It will be my first pastoral visit since we elders received our shepherding lists dividing the flock among the 10 of us.

Fri 10 Nov

Garden shed to be erected today then contents housed from under the patio tarpaulin their home for the three weeks we have been here. Shed erectors cancelled due to back injury. Now coming Wednesday next. First five gallons of chardonnay at the new house is in the fermenter. Next red for communion wine.

Sat 11 Nov
Joiners to estimate on shelves in bedroom alcove. Some firms unobtainable, come do not return calls. Those coming Polish?, Indian and English. Been to garden centre for 11 concrete slabs as bases. Observed the two minutes silence in the store 11a.m.I enrolled for a quiz at the local parish church this time next week. Find I am placed on a team with our MP Steve Pound. We were on opposite sides of Ealing Council, 1990-98. He has been my MP ever since. We are good friends. He knows I never vote for him but on sexual moral issues he is very good being RC and he ia an excellent constituency MP. So I look forward to the evening.  Watching the Festival of Remembrance I recall seeing it in 1982 back from Nigeria and then the Chelsea Pensioners included Boer war veterans. Now no WWI men and any WWII people will be least 90.

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