Monday, November 20, 2017

Ealing's abortion clinic

Ealing has one of England's busiest abortion clinics and the local MP wants to curtail protests against it. The local press seems to be on her side as does the council so I wrote to the local paper and the internet forum for Ealing.

    I consider your November 17 coverage of Rupa Huq's campaign against the Mattock Lane protesters to be grossly unbalanced. 
   First the street has never become impassable. It is wide with a wide verge too. I have never seen protesters there. Friends have sometimes seen them but the problem seem exaggerated. 
   But the real imbalance is failure to present the other side of the argument as an MP related at the Westminster Hall debate. He read a letter from woman who on going to the clinic for an abortion was quietly handed a leaflet offering an alternative. She left the clinic and had the baby, now a healthy three year old. So good may come from opposition to terminations.

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