Monday, November 06, 2017

Diary w/e Nov 4

Sunday 29 Oct 17

Preached on The Five Solas for Reformation Sunday and it was appreciated by several in the congregation. Katy drove home after lunch, the 2 hour journey too 3 thanks to the usual M25 congestion on a Sunday and we were too late for IPC evening service. Feeling tired from the extra hour of clock change

Mon 30 Oct

Legs dressed again. Healing slowly. Katy drove us to Canterbury in splendid sunshine and with a clear road. David home with Sahara on our arrival as she has a second half term week.

Tues 31 Oct

Once again I lost playing Ticket to Ride. I like the game but never win. Katy drove home after lunch as she does not like to drive in the dark and once again the M25 was so clear the variable speed limit was only operative in the last section M4 to M40. Cooked chocolat coq au vin. Only three disturbances from wretched Halloween children. I hate the whole thing.

Wed 1 Nov

Garden shed delivered. Erectors due a week on Friday. First U3A meeting in our new home. All impressed. Music room getting sorted. Shelves, piano, cello, bed settee in place. Stereo to come. Starting to get to grips with the heating system controls. So far I have been upstairs twice in our 12 days here. Unrelated observations.Looking forward to Ealing IPC prayer meeting tonight. One visitor said our meetings were the best ever experienced by them. Excellent IPC prayer meeting. 38 there.

Thur 2 Nov

Going to the nurse to get my annual diabetic checkup results then lunch at my favourite restaurant, Lisa's. Nurse increased my diabetes medication but no worries. Latest Grisham borrowed from the library. I have read all his adult fiction. Only six boxes left to unpack, mainly pictures and ornaments to sort.Music room nearly done with all books out on shelves. Introduced myself to Alex next door. Told him I came with an ulterior motive, the reception of parcels if we are out.

Fri 3 Nov

Quiet inactive day feeling tired and a bit down

Sat 4 Nov

Spirits revived by Ian Hamilton who gave us two excellent talks for about 60 office bearers and spouses from local Presbyterian and one Anglican church. Start of a London Presbyterian conference in future? I had no idea that in retirement from full time pastoral ministry, IH is an associate minister in Inverness and lectures in three seminaries. His two talks proved Calvinists are more than five points. In two talks he had 22 points on understanding the church and its leadership.
Maxim Chinese for dinner with four friends celebrating the birthday of Hazel our IPC member who turns 90 on Tuesday. She is an Armenian from Myanmar and knows she is suffering from dementia. Bur the disease did not  have her in its awful grip during our meal and she enjoyed the evening.

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