Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The changing world (11) 1968 end

   October were civil rights riots in Londonderry. Preached for the Brethren in Saffron Walden. Francis Williams, SUM pharmacist at Vom, studying in at ANMC says they need me there. So far I did not doubt my calling was pharmacy. When I arrived in Nigeria I found others realised I had other gifts too.  I was now doing the college course only and was head student. Stan Bruce joined the staff and taught Greek. I was organiser for a S E Asia prayer group.Now lectures on Romans and biblical theology from Non Davies who is reformed baptist. At this stage I was definitely the militant Calvinist ready to challenge anyone showing any Arminian colour. Sharing a room with Ken Cowell who I believe went to Japan. Met Bo and Jean Balfour. He was obstetrician at Mom with us and a practical joker, a mad medic who went on to become one of the few pro-life jobs & gynaecologist consultants,
   Playing table tennis. Listened to Schaeffer's three semons on Job on reel to reel tape. Excellent exposition. Linesman for college football. Nixon wins presidential election. Johnson stops bombing North Vietnam.
   First visit to Elland Road. We lost 0-1 to Spurs against the run of play. Went to White Hart Lane with Dick Bulmer for Spurs 5 Sunderland 1. Enoch Powell in trouble over Rivers of Blood. Introduced to hausa study. Christmas holiday locus in Accrington in large cold flat. Scruffy one assistant shop owned by the family of a former Square student contemporary. Visited Stephen Procter in Brnley an ANMC student who was toward as an accountant for an Arab company in Saudi and London and be an elder in Less IPC, Hampshire. He also generously help our first house purchase in 1984. Apollo 3 off round the moon. Home by bus for Christmas. Visited Bill Foggit the eccentric Thirsk Methodist who had become a TV weather pundit and family friend. Back to Accrington. Visited the Dalbys in Colne, independent Methodists. Peter had done national service in the RAF at Tolcliffe and worshipped in Skipton. Katy came up to Accrington and we went to Skipton by train and Dad's car.

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