Sunday, October 01, 2017

Diary w/e 30 Sep 17

Sun 24 Sep 17

Communion at Jennyfields FIEC. Seemed to be a memorialist Zwinglian commemoration only. My brother received as an elder but both this and the reception of a new member were to my surprise done with our questions and promises. But eldership three is for a fixed period only and new members have to be voted in by the membership. Evening service was preceded by a brief prayer meeting. I was invited to bring news of IPC in the service.

Mon 25 Sep 17

Visited Harlow Carr, coffee at Betty's and the RHS shop which is excellent for books as well as plants. See photos. Would have visited Nidderdale Show but a wet day and the local art gallery was not open.My brother's local. Samuel Smith's £1.60 a pint. Amazingly less than half London price.
 I can see why Harrogate is the posh place to live in Yorkshire. The restriction of building materials to local stone is attractive. The new stone looks good and contrasts with the old if cleaned or left with original grime.

Tues 26 Sep

Back to London. Fruit cheap in Leeds market. Satsumas at 20 for a pound purchased as better value than a drink but I will not pay 20p for toilets. 27 passengers, 2 drivers, 27 empty seats on the coach. Coach in half hour early. For the first time ever someone refused to give me their tube seat, saying he had a bad neck. Brass one IMO. But tree different people helped me carry my case and bag down steps.

Wed 27 Sep

I had a ticket for The Oval today but sold it when we booked to go to Nigeria. Trip cancelled so now I will be watching Sky.

Thur 28 Sep

Good house group last night and all elders present for early prayer this morning. Demolition has started on our IPC building. Buyers pushing to exchange end of next week.

Fri 29 Sep

We may be moving October 20th DV.

Sat 30 Sep

Surprised how many seem to mourn death of a pornographer or have hope for his salvation on the basis of a youthful profession. Also why does no-one say Stokes should go to Australia whatever his off the pitch antics. And why am I criticised for unfollowing those I judge to post nonsense?

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