Monday, October 02, 2017

Films seen in October 2017

1.  Kajaki Mark Stanley (Actor), David Elliot (Actor), Paul Katis (Director) 
I gave this four stars because it is too horrible to love with five stars. A very realistically gory portrayal of the effects of landmines on a patrol. So gory I had to look away several times. Screen red, language extremely blue. It makes one feel for the soldiers in their suffering.

2. The Ghost [DVD] Ewan McGregor (Actor), Pierce Brosnan (Actor), Roman Polanski (Director), Herve De Luze (Director) 

I had read the book some years agouti could not remember the plot in any detail. I found it a credible thriller with obvious implications about a recent British prime minister who was an unwitting instrument of the CIA thanks to his scheming wife.  Who could they be hinting at? Who was involved in the crime of extraordinary rendition?

3. Spies of Warsaw -  David Tennant (Actor), Janet Montgomery (Actor), Coky Giedroyc (Director) 
Tennant as usual is very good but for me the real star is the magnificent steam locomotive pulling the final train. Photography very evocative of the period. Very much the spy story. Whose side are the characters on

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