Sunday, October 22, 2017

Diary w'e Oct 28

Sunday 22 Oct.

Now two and a quarter miles to morning church. Paul's new series from Matthew. In the evening Gethin Jones continued his 1 John series.

Mon 23 Oct

Made a start on the first grass cutting but rain interrupted me. Swept the gravel back onto the front where the vendor had parked but Katy refuses to park there unless we pay for a crossover. Unpacked our bedroom.

Tues 24 Oct

Annual diabetes checkup. Moving furniture and more unpacking. Desk and computer sorted.

Wed 25 Oct

Cardiology consultant this afternoon gave me an optimistic prognosis. . Sky came to put satellite reception in two rooms and ADT to fit the burglar alarm. IKEA delivered and Debbie the expert, assembled. But she is most frustrated by poor wifi in her room despite buying a booster.

Thur 26 Oct

Hard work today and not a lot done due to tiredness. Broadband wifi signal too weak upstairs. BT want £130 to relocate the socket for the router/phone.I rang social services requesting a rail next to our front doorsteps. After a 15 minute assessment I was told that occupational therapy would contact me, waiting time 28 weeks. I asked its they were trying for the Guinness Book of Records.

Fri 27 Oct

We how have a smart gas and electricity meter. The sight of one's expenditure rising hour by hour is depressing. We still have to learn how to adjust the heating centrally and in each room with underfloor heating. 
My father would have been 99 today. Holiday booked July, Mull and Orkney.
Cooked goulash soup last night and enjoyed it while watching Leeds 1 Sheffield Utd 2. Good game except for the result. Cheered by catching up on Doc Martin then my other favourite, Have I got news for You seemed back on form after previous weeks with too much May bashing.

Sat 28 Oct

Katy drove to Brede, East Sussex where we overnighted with old friends, the Grays prior to me preaching.

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