Monday, October 09, 2017

Diary w/e 7 Oct 17

Sunday 1 Oct

Adult Sunday School on special revelation. Levy on the Shema, Debt 6 morning. Brovolli chicken bake by Debbie at Lille's whose home is still in throes of redecoration. Gethin Jones on 1 John 2 in the evening.

Monday 2 October

Legs dressed in Northolt  Improving. Maybe stockings by Christmas. Started making sloe wine.

Tuesday 3 October

U3A world religions on Islam and liberal democracy, bought some yeast for the sloe wine, then cardiology nurse in Greenford and at night IPC elders. The latter was supposed to be brief but the report from Lass took nearly an hour. Only the pastor is an elder there at present so the church is under the Ealing elders' supervision.

Wed 4 Oct

U3A current affairs on housing. Good church prayer meeting.

Thurs 5 Oct

Dentist refers me to hospital for three extractions. Contracts received, signed, witnessed and returned to the solicitors.

Fri 6 Oct

Contracts exchanged with completion due 20th. Informed all utilities etc except the incommunicado Sky.

Sat 7 Oct

Items to the dump. Stamps from my youth to IFES.

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