Saturday, October 21, 2017

Diary w/e 21 October 17

Sunday 15 October

Chris Roberts excellent in Sunday School on cassationism then preaching the parable of the banquet. We had a surprise invitation to lunch out  and then as usual it was Dean Hall for evening service. We had a look at our church site and demolition looks about 50% complete.

Monday 16 Oct

Compression dressings changed. Left leg almost healed. After 33 years and 8 months here my pre-move feelings are nostalgia and apprehension.

Tues 17 Oct 

First stuff to the dump. Once again OPD Northwick Park this morning then Ealing Lunchtime Talks. Gethin finished his parables series. Went to OPD only to find the appointment letter said October 2018. Cooking our last cooked meal at this address.

Wed 18 Oct.

It has started. Smarts of Northolt, same family as Billy Smart of circus fame, packing two days then the move. Invited out to dinner in Hanwell. A three mile drive took over two and a quarter hours thanks to gridlock with police closing he road after an accident.

Thurs 19 Oct

Removers have packed most belongings and furniture in their truck and will move us tomorrow after 33 years 8 months here. When we moved in to this the only house we have ever owned I did say they could move me next in a box. After the next 33 years and 8 months, that is 2050 and me 104.
It's the western front tonight, aka Diwali, supposedly a festival of light but mainly bangs, and more than for remembering the papist plot. OTOH our Hindu neighbour has brought us sweets. I say us but I am the only one eating them.

Fri 20 Oct
All packed by 9:30. By noon all monies paid and we left for our new home. The vendor had messed up with his removals - DIY not professionals like ours. So he delayed our unpacking but all off loaded by 4pm.Now we are unpacking. Deb has phone, web and Sky connected for us. Rachel has helped, the children too.

Sat 21 Oct
Exhausted today so grateful for the help of Jonathan and Hannah with unpacking.

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