Saturday, October 18, 2014

Recent news from Nigeria

You will have heard on BBC or other sources that the Nigerian govt have reached a cease fire agreement with the BH and that plans are underway to release the 200 + girls from Chibok.  We can only hope and pray that this becomes reality.  Naturally people are very sceptical.

People are wondering how this can be a cease fire and not a total surrender.  Only then can the 9 million displaced people return to their homes in the north.  Much more is needed to end the violence, including that caused by Fulani terrorism and city bombings.  He adds that many law abiding Nigerians, victims of Islamic violence are bleeding over the denial of justice shown by the negotiations going on.  Whose are the faces representing this evil and deadly group that appear to be above the law and how can people overlook such violence and live with such people in the future?

On Wednesday 15th there was panic at Jos Teaching Hospital when gunmen in trying to force their way in, shot and killed the security guard when he discovered arms in the boot of their car.  The gunmen all escaped.  Security has been on red alert in Jos following a wake of violence and the arrest of foreign terrorists.

News also came in that BH abducted a 10 yr old girl and a 7 year old from Beto and 7 other girls from Krio near Mubi in Adamawa State.  All were taken to a hideout in the hills.  As the terrorists went to carry out a second attack one of the girls, a 14 yr old, took courage and led all of the girls to freedom. 

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