Monday, October 13, 2014

Nigeria 8 to 11 October 2014

Oct 8 The Special Task Force arrested 80 people in Rikkos area of Jos.  They were suspected to be mercenaries from Niger and confessed that they were hired to do violence in the State.  That was some welcome good news.
Two days before that gunmen gunned down 2 policemen on guard at the gate of the University of Jo Permanent site in Plateau.
On the 7 STF reported that Boko Haram fired a rocket from Banki town on the border with Cameroon.  the rocket hit the town of Amchide inside Cameroon killing 8 people.  That could be a very serious development.
Oct 10 six people were way-layed between villages in Riyom LGA  (that's less than 40 miles from Jos) Plateau St and all killed.  these same villages were attacked only a week ago when 17 were killed.
11th BH attacked refugees in the settlement near Kirawa in Borno when 17 were killed but one report said many were massacred .

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