Thursday, October 23, 2014

More about recent attacks in Nigeria

A  bomb blast 22 Oct in Azare,  Borno St in the lorry park killing 5 people.
Men in uniform (thought to be Fulani) attacked two villages near Wukari in Taraba State on Sunday morning 19th while people were in church.  4 were killed in one village and 27 in another (Sondi)  Among the dead was the CRCN pastor and his only son.
On the night of 21st/22nd Fulani terrorists attacked a village near Lafiya leaving one 20 dead, 40 houses set on fire and hundreds displaced.

It's all very distressing but we can only keep praying for those suffering and praying for an end to the terrible trouble.  Let's pray too for the terrorists who ever they are that God would have mercy on them and bring them to repentance - pray for Damascus Road encounters.

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