Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mubi taken by Boko Haram

Report came midday (29/10/14) of an attack by BH on Mubi in Adamawa State.  It started last night with BH attacking the security at Mubi Junction in Mubi North LGA and Uba LGA.  Later it was reported that the military made a tactical withdrawal back into Mubi but BH were too strong for them.  By this afternoon BH had broken into the prisons in Mubi, bombed the military barracks and taken up residence in the Emir's Palace.  Military aircraft were expected from Yola.  Then at 9pm it was reported that BH have over run 3 LGA areas, those of Uba, Mubi North and Mubi South.  Many are reported as being killed while thousands have fled into Cameroon or to Yola the State capital (about 200km).  It was reported that many soldiers with heavy equipment also fled during the raid.

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