Monday, October 20, 2014

No cease fire in Nigeria

On saturday 17th around mid-day 6 civilians on the Biu/ Garkida road of Borno State were held, hands bound and then all slaughtered. It was the same spot where the late Emir of Gwoza was killed several months ago.  The terrorists prevented relatives from removing the bodies.  One young man, the son of one of those killed, was shot and is in hospital in Biu.

On Sunday 18 the BH attacked and killed people at Abadam near Lake Chad and are now in full control of the village.  Later on Sunday it was reported that BH were attacking a village in Gwoza LGA and many villagers were slaughtered.

Today, Monday 19 news came in of an ongoing attack on villages in the Garkida area.  Several churches have been burnt and scores of Christians killed.  (This is an area where the majority of people are indigenous Christians, mainly of the EYN/CBM Church).

Nigerians are now demanding the total eradication of the BH, not a cease fire, as the only way out.  (with what appears to be support from key people in Government and society in Northern Nig. this is unlikely to happen.  We can only continue to pray and hope).

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