Monday, October 06, 2014

Nigeria Sunday 5 Oct 2014

Sadly there has been a cholera outbreak in the UN camp in Cameroon where most of the Pulka/Gwoza and Hill people fled to.  News today is that over 200 have died and also another 70 in a camp in Taraba State.  Others have been hospitalised, and some have fled back into Nigeria - but where do they go?  
There have been more attacks on the few people in the villages behind the Hills and those hiding in the Hills.  On Friday 3rd BH came in numbers on motor cycles and on foot, looting and killing.  Military jets flew over head but did not do anything.  BH are humiliating, torturing and forcefully Islamising those they capture.  44 women have been abducted

In Plateau State Fulani terrorist attacked villages in the Bachit District on Friday in the middle of the night.  12 villagers were killed and one soldier and 2 other soldiers missing.

Today Sunday 5th 50 BH terrorists attacked several villages in Buni Yardi area in Yobe State killing 10 and burning over 100 houses.  Attacking several villages at the same time totally overwhelms the few local police.

Government forces have re-taken Michika today and want to advance on Gwoza.  

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