Friday, June 25, 2010

Speak out on behalf of Nigerian Christians today

Use your voice to seek justice for our Nigerian brothers and sisters who faced brutal attacks in January and March.

In the UK and Ireland, 3,000 emails and letters of concern have been sent to the Nigerian High Commissioner in London. Thank you if you have already taken action but if not, please help us to reach our target of 5,000 messages. You will join with hundreds of other Christians from the United States, Netherlands and South Africa.

Several hundred Christians were killed in appalling massacres in Plateau State, Nigeria. The military and the police have been accused of doing too little too late to protect the Christians and some army personnel have been accused of being complicit with the Hausa and Fulani Muslim extremists.

Christians continue to mourn the loss of loved ones and many remain homeless.

Be a voice for Nigerian Christians. Write to the Nigerian High Commissioner, Dr Dalhatu Tafida, now and urge that the perpetrators of these vicious attacks are held accountable, victims compensated and that the Nigerian authorities do their utmost to restore peace and security in Plateau State.

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Welcoming MPs – action update

Over 2,000 Open Doors campaigners wrote to their newly-elected Member of Parliament through our online campaign action. As a result almost 600 MPs were contacted and many sent swift, positive responses, expressing thanks for the congratulations and prayers, and promising future action on behalf of those persecuted for their faith.

We were delighted to hear that several supporters went on to arrange meetings with their MPs in order to share further about the persecuted church.

And thanks to all this action, we have been able to contact some new Christian MPs who were alerted to our work through your emails, and share with them how they can be a voice for the persecuted church within Parliament!

Thank you for taking action on behalf of Christians in Plateau State, Nigeria. Please pray for those who have lost loved ones, who are homeless, injured or fearful of further attacks.

With best wishes,

Alice J
Advocacy Manager
Open Doors UK & Ireland

Open Doors UK, PO Box 6, Witney, OX29 6WG. Registered Charity in England and Wales No 1125684.

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