Tuesday, June 22, 2010


After being cancelled once before, Laxmi's trail finally came to court again. She was very reluctant and said that if this time the trail was cancelled for any reason, she would never come again! She works for an NGO in her village and did not want to miss a day at work. However, Laxmi came with her colleague to testify in court. Her colleague had never seen Mumbai and both were very excited. They came so happily, as if they were out on a picnic.
Laxmi was very confident of what she had to speak in the court. When her hour to witness came, she correctly answered all the questions asked by public prosecutor and the defence. There were two advocates who cross examined her. She was irritated by the way they were asking questions and how they were trying to prove that the accused was innocent. They were asking repeated and irrelevant questions. The judge too was annoyed at the defence and scolded them for wasting the court's time. Toward the end, Laxmi gave them a stern look and answered in such a way that they asked no more questions!
God was clearing directing each and everything that happened with the case. Laxmi went back home in happiness that day! She had the joy of getting some legal action done against her perpetrators. After the court, Laxmi had the most amusing ride on the Mumbai local trains. She did not want to miss a single bit of all she saw around - the ladies who jumped in and out, the tall buildings all around, and most of all the speed of the express train!
After her rescue several years ago, Laxmi spent two years in rehabilitation homes recovering from her trauma and gaining new skills. She then served as a social worker in a red light district counselling prostitutes and often taking their children to school. She now works with a NGO to contribute in the development of villages. She has had several opportunities to address groups of girls to be aware of strangers in their villages. She told those girls of what happens when strangers or even family relatives lure young girls away and sell them into prostitution. She has even shared her story of rescue and restoration.
This account comes from Amee C., a Freedom Firm Social Worker. Amee works with rescued girls to prepare them for testifying in court, counsels them in government aftercare homes, and spends time with them in whatever capacity needed to help in their restoration.

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