Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Sovereignty of God and Human Responsibility

Synod Statement of the International Presbyterian Church 7.11.1981
The Sovereignty of God and Human Responsibility

1. We believe that the existence and character of the infinite and personal God is the only basis for
affirming human responsibility.

2. We reject any statement of the doctrine of God's sovereignty which makes it seem that an emphasis
on the real significance of man's choice is a denial of God's sovereignty or vice versa.

3. We believe that the difficulty of this question is one which is true of all of our knowledge.
For example, in science, even though our understanding increases with increased information,
we will never comprehend the infinite. Similarly in thinking about God and man we have simply
to affirm that man is fully responsible and that God is fully sovereign.

4. We reject all statements that affirm or imply that God is the author of evil, or wills human sin,
or that history is the unrolling of a divine determinism.

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