Sunday, June 20, 2010

Medical Responds to Anti-Christian Nigerian Massacre

20 June, 2010 5:22 From: "The Voice of the Martyrs" Add sender to Contacts.

Dear Friends of VOM:
The news of the Nigerian massacre in March 2010 was horrifying. More than 500 of our Christian brothers and sisters — 80 percent of them women and children — in three villages were slaughtered in one night!
Days later, "Dr. Kim," VOMedical director, walked among the rubble of burned-out churches and viewed the sites of mass graves in northern Nigeria. Immediately, Dr. Kim began caring for the wounded and comforting the survivors, reassuring the Nigerian Christians that Christians in the United States and around the world had NOT forgotten them in their time of suffering.

Dr. Kim's firsthand accounts of the massacre's aftermath are sobering:
"In more than three years of providing medical service for persecuted Christians for VOM, this is the first time that the word 'carnage' comes to mind. This is beyond anything I have seen in my 33 years of medicine, including doing autopsies and working in emergency rooms. We found out that in one village we visited there were only 20 or 30 survivors in the entire village."
CLICK HERE to read Dr. Kim's full report and WATCH a VIDEO REPORT about these attacks and to learn how you can support VOMedical.
But amid the suffering, Dr. Kim also found hope:
"It was amazing when we were allowed to worship with the believers. Even with all the death and destruction around them, they were praising the Lord for his goodness and mercy. The service was held in the village square, complete with charred, burned-out buildings in the background."
VOM began VOMedical to help believers such as these. We wanted to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, rushing to the aid of Christians injured as a result of persecution.
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I am humbled as I think about our Nigerian brothers and sisters, worshipping in the ruins of their villages, yet offering forgiveness to the people who killed their family members. THANK YOU for standing with VOM as we stand with believers like these around the world.
For those in bonds,

Tom White
Executive Director

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