Saturday, March 17, 2007

Theatre in March

1. Much Ado About Nothing.

Ealing Questor's production of Much Ado is set in 20-30s America. It makes
for some very good dance scenes but the accents were thin and off
putting initially. Some people did not carry them well, some did not
seem to do them. They would have been better off leaving them alone.

I particularly liked the menacing villain Don John. With his side
kicks, Conrade and Borachio they were straight out of the Mafia.
Special credit too for the comics, Dogberry and Verges. Their three
constables whose heights seemed to be from five foot nothing to seven
foot were wonderful. At times I thought music masked diction and we
were in the front row. But overall a most enjoyable evening and the
beer in the interval at The Grapevine was superb. They well deserve
their CAMRA accolade.

2. Eugene Onegin - Riverside Opera at Richmond Theatre

Katy's choice this one. I an not anti-opers so long as it is sung in English. But the only Russian music I really like is the 1812 and that is because it celebrates a French defeat. Tchaikovsky has some decent tunes here, especially the dances. But for a plot based on the wrings of Puskin, Russia's greatest dramatist, it is very thin indeed. For me the stars were Lensky ans Triquet for best voices and Tatyana for beauty.

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