Thursday, March 15, 2007

Olympic folly

One of my big regrets is that a couple of years ago I did not contact the French Embassy and offer to organise the London supporters of the Paris Olympics. They might have paid me for the opportunity to pour Euros down the Olympic drain instead of my taxes. Do not get me wrong. I am not anti-sport. I sleep through a lot of sport on TV. No. I merely object to paying for other peoples' sweaty activities. If you want sport, you pay for it, like I do at Lords or The Oval.

I particularly object to paying towards the London Olympics. That I in West London have to pay extra local tax for a fortnight that will have as much benefit to me as to a fellow Briton in the Outer Hebrides is a gross injustice.

Now I read that BBC reports
The Olympics Minister added that Londoners will not be expected to contribute any more of their council tax — a total of £625 million — than they are already paying towards the cost of the Games and that transport fares would not be increased to meet the bill. But she said that the Mayor of London would contribute a further £300 million over the "lifetime of the Games."

I never knew Ken had such a stash of money. I know he gets a ridiculously big salary. But where does he get £300 million except out of our pockets? Can someone

I do have a grand scheme to recoup my losses. I want to let our house for the 2 Olympic weeks. But my dear wife forbids me to put it on ebay for a nice little earner. Any takers?

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