Monday, March 26, 2007

Oil has mixed with water!

One is pleased for the peace of Northern Ireland that Paisley and Adams say they can co-operate in devolved government.One has an obligation to pray for those who rule. It will need this and more for this unlikely mix to work.

Oil can mix with water and form an emulsion. Milk is a perfect emulsion. But what happens when it sours? The emulsion cracks and the parts separate. How long for sweetness and light to continue at Stormont. I am not a betting man but .....

I hear that IRKP's Free Presbyterian Church is in turmoil over this. The Times quoted a friend and ministerial colleague of the Big Man who was very sad about it. He said Adams and his pious, daily mass attending mate McGuiness, had hands covered in blood and should be turning themselves in as murderers. How can Paisley continue as moderator for life of his Free Presbyterian Church?

BTW the concept of a moderator for life is more akin to episcopacy than reformed church order and the FPC's dual practice of infant baptism and dedication is again most un-presbyterian. When I visited Paisley's congregation I thought it owed more to his time with the American fundamentalists than to his time in the Reformed Presbyterian seminary.

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