Sunday, March 04, 2007

Germany to introduce “European history textbook”.

Annette Schavan, the German Education Minister, has set out plans to introduce a European Union history textbook to be taught in schools across Europe . The aim is to foster a “common cultural identity” across the EU. The idea is said to have the backing of both German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the EU Commission. A spokesperson for the German education ministry said: “A common history book could contribute to a common European identity and knowledge about what is important for European culture and history". (Telegraph, 22 February)

The only time I am happily identified as European is when I am in Africa. There it means I am a white man. I own no common cultural identity with all the citizens of the E.U. except for a common humanity. That I also share with everyone on the planet and the only history book I need to teach this reality is the Bible.

My favorite European history book is "1066 and All That", totally anglocentric and too funny for any E.U.rophile. (N.B. a E.U.rophile loves the E.U.. OTOH I am a lover of Europe aka a Europhile.)

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