Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gambling to be advertised, inheritances confiscated.

TV ads are to now be allowed for gambling other than the Morons' Tax. aka The National Lottery. Until now the government only allowed TV advertising for its own money making scheme. This governmental hypocrisy has now been overturned and the gambling industry moves out of that select group of advertisers led by political parties and tobacco companies still not allowed to flash their wares on our screens. According to the BBC 'Adverts must not show gamblers behaving in a way which is irresponsible or could lead to "financial, social or emotional harm". 'As IMO all gambling is irresponsible and brings financial and social harm, this should mean that no actual gambling is televised. Somehow I do not think that will be the case.

Gambling is the one vice I have heard defended by Bible believing Christians. One asked me the moral difference between going to Las Vegas on a fixed budget and going to Disneyland with the same. It was not the best of comparisons as I would not wish to visit either location. But that apart why do I oppose all gambling? Because its appeal is to selfish greed which God condemns. It is enrichment at the expense of another, a robbery by consent. The Bible gives three ways by which we may be lawfully enriched. They are gainful employment, lawful inheritance and receiving gifts. Incidentally I believe the government has no right to the second which it tries to steal by taxation. If you house is worth £250,000 you need finacial and legal advice to keep your inheritance intact for your heirs.

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