Saturday, March 10, 2007

Chalk must work with cheese

So Paisley's DUP is the majority party in the N Ireland Assembly elections followed by Adam's Sinn Fein. They now have to work together to establish a devolved government. This is going to be most interesting. It is as if Westminster has said no matter what mixture you put in the tank you are going to have to get the engine running and drive the car forwards. Now they have mixed Unionist petrol with Republican diesel, how will the engine fire? History does afford a precedent for Protestant and Roman Catholics together in coalition government. Abraham Kuyper did it in The Netherlands just over 100 years ago. But they had a common enemy, the liberal secularists, to unite them in coalition and the none of the leaders were former terrorist commanders. I shall pray for IRKP to be as gracious as the grace he preaches. Personally I would find it hard to shake hands with the SF leadership. Too much blood on their hands for me.Yes I can and must forgive, but real forgiveness requires repentance for it to be sealed.

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