Tuesday, March 28, 2017

On reading the Quran

I was given a copy of the Quran by a Muslim leader at the Regent's Park Mosque back in 1983. I did read through it then and thought I would try again now. After the short introductory chapter (sura) I persevered through the 286 verses of sura 2. (The Heifer) Impressions. A disjointed text with no real narrative linking. There are portions relating to some early Bible stories but nothing detailed. There is creation but no fall. Satan, Iblis falls because he will not bow down to Adam. There are several references to covenant but no definition nor description of covenant making. Stories of patriarchs are minimal and of Moses and Exodus too. More is omitted than included. There is much instruction as to how Muslims are to live, piety to observe and practical instructions like divorce. Bur it is a cold hodge podge, an incoherent ranmbing. How it could be described as the greatest literature beggars belief. I shall try another sura each day.

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