Saturday, March 25, 2017

Diary 22 to 25 Mar 17

Wednesday 22nd

Improvement is slow. I would like to return to a more normal sleep pattern and consistently use the sleep apnoea machine. Before hospital I was not sleeping long and tending to be dopey in the day. This has persisted and worstened.I enjoy the quiet early rising hours but for a lot of the rest of the day I am sleepy, sometimes going into a deep sleep, so much so that on wakening I do not know if if it be morning, afternoon or night. Come the evening Katy is frustrated because I am not good company when I fall asleep shortly into any given TV programme. Imanagedto stay awake for the whole Germany 1 England 0. Why did I bother. The score flattered the Germans.

Thursday 23rd

Occupational therapy have had some hand rails installed for me, bed, shower and newall(?) post. Instructed agents reduce our house price from £649500 to £629,500. Our replacement car, Vauxhall Meriva 1.4L, 2015, is due Monday. Paid for, insured and breakdown covered. Enjoyed another visit from my fellow elder Andrew Rae.

Friday 24th

My most encouraging visitor, Hasan for Bagdad, PH.D student in engineering recently graduated from Brunel. He first came to our church about 8years ago while studying fo rhis masters. As a parting gift before he does back to Iraq, he gave us this painting of an old couplepe outside their home. Hasan goes back to a very uncertain future. He has a job but such graduates are often targeted by the lawless and lthe rule of law does not exist inhis home city where his family have lived for over a century. See photo album Hasan. Received cheque for written off Yaris.

Saturday 25th

This afternoon we had a builder round to look at out gateway. Our old Yaris had numerous scrapes on the wings, said to be entirely my fault. So we remove the brick pillars, widen the gateway and hey presto, a two vehicle driveway. Off road parking for us and Debbie. Today has been the second of the year sunny enough to sit outside though it was a cold wind and better in the shade out of the wind to read. Tomorrow I plan to be at church for the first time this month and doing so I will revert to my new year sabbath resolution, no Sunday internet.

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