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International Presbyterian Church March Prayer requests:

page1image792 page1image952 page1image1112 page1image1272Christ Church Derby
Ministers: Jonty Rhodes, Joel Kendall
  • Give thanks for lots of new faces around the church recently – both believers and seekers.
  • Pray for those currently preparing to enter into church membership.
  • The church has just finished a 7 week evangelistic course which has prompted many good conversations – pray
    for fruit.

  • Pray for the church family as Jonty and others leave at the end of March to plant the new church in Leeds.
  • Pray that the church’s finances would remain healthy.
    Culcheth Community Church,
    Minister: Vacant
  • Give thanks for the ministry at Culcheth, and for all that has been done and is being done through the church and
    the café.

  • Pray for the church as they go through a process of reappraisal and discernment during their time of vacancy.
  • Pray for wisdom in decision-making, encouragement for the church’s members, and fruitful future service whatever shape it might take.
Grace Community Church,
Kyle of Lochalsh
Interim Moderator: Andrew Randall
Pray for the congregation during the current vacancy, that it would be confident in God and remain outward- looking in its ministry.
Give thanks and pray for those serving the congregation in Word ministry during the vacancy.
Pray for God to raise up a man to lead and serve the congregation through a faithful Biblical ministry.
Pray for Andrew Randall as Interim Moderator and Hamish Baillie as loan elder, that they would be given grace to serve the congregation well.

Grace Church Larbert
Minister: Andrew Randall
Give thanks for the church’s youth work, and pray for families as they face increasingly difficult challenges in the Christian nurture of their children.
Pray for those currently being prepared for the diaconate,
The church needs a temporary home for the summer months, when the school where it normally meets will be unavailable due to renovations.
Pray also for the identification and acquisition of land for a perHighland International Church, Inverness
Minister: James Torrens
  • Give thanks that, after 5 years of ministry, the congregation has grown significantly in recent months. Pray for continued growth.
  • Pray that new members will quickly feel at home, that new relationships will be formed, and that they will commit to serving the congregation faithfully
    and joyfully.
  • Give thanks for a new ruling elder who has been received into the presbytery.
  • The church has been significantly impacted by long-term health issues affecting its leadership – pray especially for James and Jane Torrens.

    IPC Ealing
    Minister: Paul Levy
  • Give thanks that legal issues have been resolved, and loan funding secured, for the building project. Pray that work will begin soon.
  • Pray for four new potential elders who are undergoing training.
  • Give thanks for Gethin Jones and Chris Roberts, who will both be working with IPC Ealing as assistant ministers shortly.
  • Pray for the church’s outreach to the sizeable Polish community in London.
St Peter’s IPC, Liss
Minister: Doug Curry
Give thanks for some new people who have been coming.
Pray for the Sunday afternoon house group for those not able to make it on a weekday evening.
Give thanks for a good outreach event at Christmas, and a good Gift Sunday recently.
Doug will retire later this year, and a Pastoral Search Committee has been formed; pray for wise decisions, and for the right man to be appointed.
Pray for the unity of the congregation, for good communication and healthy relationships.

New City IPC, Shepherd’s Bush
Minister: Chris Hatch
  • Give thanks for some new people who have been coming, and pray that they would feel at home.
  • Pray for a strong sense of unity amongst those from many different ethnic backgrounds.
  • Give thanks for the new communications person who is helping the church.
  • The proto-Session meets regularly – pray for unity, and for wise and godly decision-making.
  • Pray for the ongoing preaching ministry – the church is currently studying the book of Acts.
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page3image528 page3image688 page3image848 page3image1008 page3image1168 page3image1328 page3image1488 page3image1648 New Life Masih Ghar, Southall
Ministers: Bob Heppe, Barry Schutter
  • Give thanks for Barry’s recent trip
    to India, seeking to support church members in their witness to family & friends in their home countries.

  • Pray that the Reformed books being distributed in India will have a significant influence and be a help to many.
  • Pray for the ongoing ministry of the church in Southall.

    Trinity Church Aberdeen
    Minister: David Gibson
  • Pray for the church’s continuing search for land or a building, that the Lord would lead clearly and give both wisdom and courage in decision-making.
  • The church is studying Luke’s gospel, using Uncover material in small groups. This has proved fruitful in encouraging Christians to meet one-to-one with non-Christian friends to study the Bible. Give thanks and pray for all involved.
  • Pray for Ben Traynor as he continues to work alongside the church while studying at Cornhill in Glasgow.
Trinity Church York
Minister: Matthew Roberts
Give thanks for recent encouragements, including the congregation voting to put forward two men as potential elders. Pray for Roland and Simon as they go through the assessment process, and for continued unity in the congregation as the leadership expands.
Give thanks for good attendance
over the last few months, including a real increase in the number of non- Christians coming to the church through invitations from friends & family. Pray that they will respond to the gospel.

The church has enjoyed a good year with a number of interns but they will be finishing in the summer and there are no replacements at the moment. Peter Leach will however be continuing as a trainee minister – pray on for him.

Church Plant:
All Nations Church, Ilford
Minister: Simon Arscott
  • Simon & the family have now been in Ilford for about a year. Give thanks for a good, steady beginning.
  • Give thanks for the 40ish people coming along in the morning, and the 20ish returning in the afternoon.
  • Pray for the couple moving down from Derby in the summer, that they Church Plant:
Immanuel Church, Brentford
Minister: Stuart Cashman
  • The church has now been meeting for 10 months – give thanks for a good start.
  • Pray on for Stuart’s work as chaplain at Brentford Football Club.
  • Pray for existing and new connections with friends, neighbours, etc.
  • Pray that the congregation would remain focussed on the mission of the church, and not become complacent.
  • There will be a Life Explored course after Easter – pray that this would prove useful and fruitful.
Pending Church Plant:
Christ Church Central, Leeds
Minister: Jonty Rhodes
Give thanks that Jonty & family have found a suitable house in Leeds, and pray for them as they move next month.
Give thanks for the safe arrival of Ottie Rhodes on 7th March.
Pray for the provision of a suitable and affordable venue for the church in the longer term, and for the necessary funding for the church’s work.
Pray for jobs for eleven people who will be moving from Derby to Leeds.
It would be great to have others joining the team so the church can go public quickly.
Pray for non-Christian contacts.
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