Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hospital diary 9 to 11 March

Thursday 9th Mar 17
I a definitely not fit for imminent discharge. When Katy came in this afternoon we went to see sister and told the double inconinemce problem which has not eased, She said tomorrow a team would evaluate my need and what should be put in place for discharge . She sa]ysi discharge could be some days away.I may miss the rugby :-( Tonight Katy, Adrian and Pastor Paul visited.
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Friday 10th Mar 
Katy and Debbie have been in this afternoon. I have finally been told that my ongoing care needs will be assessed Monday and communicated to the district nurses who should have supplies on hand for me at Tuesday discharge. I will also be referred for twice a day social services care. What has angered me is that the urology department here have refused to come and see me. They say I will be seen as an outpatient in two weeks. I know I already have that appointment but my present urgent need is being ignored it seems. They can expect an official complaint when I see them on 21st.Wales beatng Ireland did England and me a world of good. I was able to walk to the day room to watch it. 

Saturday 11th March 17
Incontinence is much the same which bothers me about going home although Social Services called at home today saying the care package is in place. Now we need to hear from district nurses. But the hospital could have done better, or so the manufacturer's instructions on the devices say.
Katy and Debbie came in the aftnernoon and ere with me watching on TV England  rout the Scots in a victory to lift my spirits. 
I had snoozed in the evening when Pastor Paul came and related his very happy though long day on 
Friday, driving to Cardiff,watchig the rugby with Irish in laws to get home 1a.m.So I thought it very good of him come on hid third pastoral visit to me  in hospital. He is a real blessing.

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