Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Diary 19 to 21 Mar 17

Sunday 19 Mar
Very unusual for me I have missed three Sundays in a row at our church due to illness.It may have happened once before due to vacation but at that time I worshipped in other churches. Now I await the mp3s of todays sermons. As to health, there is slow improvement and more control of the unmentionables. A good uninterrupted night's sleep would be welcome. Last night I did keep the sleep apnoea machine on for the first time in over a week. Normaly is it on all night every night and that will improve day time alertness.

Monday 20 Mar

Visits from old IPC friends from Sussex and one of our prospective IPC elders who brought me a copy of a church history book from my old pastor in Yorkshire, John Legg.
In 7 years I have completed my 11th reading of the ESV New Testament. Old Testament is slower, once a year and Psalms much more ofter.Daily bread helps spiritual growth. Enjoyed another visit from Pastor Paul, a good and faithful servant.

Tuesday 21 Mar

Very pleasant urology consultant at Northwick Park OPD advises continued observation of the abnormality on my right kidney.No rush to surgery. Plus some injections into the bladder wall to bring better control than oral medicines have produced. The injections are botox. I am told they have many indications. My first trip out after hospital was for Ethan = Lego Boy's 6th birthday. He built Darth Vader all by himself, a kit for 9 years plus.
See my photo album, Ethan is 6.

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