Saturday, February 11, 2017

What should be the Christian attitude to Muslim immigrants?

First of all let me say most of the world's Moslems are peaceful people and many, for economic reasons mainly, would like to live in the West. But of all immigrant groups, it is from Moslem communities that the security of our country may be threatened. Most Muslims do not sympathise with the violent jihadis yet the threat is there and those radicalised may not be recognised even by family and friends. Violent radicalisation should surprise no-one who has studied Islam, its theology and history. Jihad, violent jihad, is truly part of Islam. In that the jihadis are correct. But Most Muslims are better than this. That incidentally is an interesting difference between Muslims and Christians. Most Muslims are better than what their religion teaches ( they will deny these parts of its teaching). But Christians always fall short God's demands, 'Be ye perfect for I am perfect.' So, to me it is evident that our Border Force should be very diligent in examining all applications by Muslims for entry to UK. Terrorist threats are most likely from Muslims, not those of no or other religions. The only terrorist fatality in UK since 7/7 was soldier Lee Rigby murdered by two men of Nigerian ethnicity who had converted to Islam. Converts are more likely to become jihadis.

So am I advocating a ban on Muslim immigration? No I am not. I am calling for support for due diligence by our security forces who have a very good record of producing us. My real reason for not advocating a ban is not because it would breach international law or be heartless towards genuine refugees or asylum seekers. No. My reason is the same as that of Oliver Cromwell when in the 1640s he welcomed the Jews back to England. Cromwell reasoned that Christ would not return before the Jews were converted. To be converted they needed to hear the gospel. Where better to hear the gospel that England, the centre of Reformation gospel preaching? Similarly, I believe Chist may come any day, but he says those who will be round his throne will be from every tribe and tongue and nation. So, with proper regard for national security, we should welcome people of all nations to our country and preach the gospel to them. In 1970 I went as a Missionary to Nigeria, hoping to preach the gospel there. Now I can share the good news with Nigerians here and others from many nations who have come to UK.

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