Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 9 to 12 Feb

Thursday 9th we had our monthly lunch with Derek and Thelma Little, parents of our son in law Adrian. This time we were ar Cafe Rouge Ruislip and with a 50% off food voucher I enjoyed the luxury of fillet steak. The it was to Northwick Park Hospital again, this time for a CT scan of my whole body to see if there are signs of cancer beyond the colon. Results are due several days.

 On Friday 10th we were pleased to have a brief visit from old friends, Nigel and Carol Gray, former members here at IPC Ealing. Nigel, formerly a deacon here is now an elder at Iden Green Congregational, Sussex. Carol, like Katy, was a music teacher and church pianist. I cooked an excellent Mexican Chiili supper from a recipe kit. Very warming. But once again I fell asleep watching evening TV. It has become a habit since rising early these days. Katy is frustrated.

Saturday 11th we viewed yet another house in Greenford but once again it was too small for us. There have been few views and no offers on our house so we await the architect's plans for our proposed alterations.The afternoon I watched the nail biting rugby in Cardiff. One again England triumphed, a record 16 wins on the trot.

Sunday 12th, no adult Sunday School in half term but an excellent exposition of Isa 50, the Servant of the Lord form Paul Levy. We missed the evening service as I had to go back to Northwick Park Hospital, this time for an abdominal MRI scan to get a better view of what is wrong there.  I am thankful I live in 2017 when colon cancer can be diagnosed and treated early. Not like my grandfather who died from it in 1953 after months of agony with inadequate prescribing of morphine.

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