Thursday, February 23, 2017

Diary 19 to 22 Feb 17

Sunday, 19th  Adult Sunday School was an interview of a young missionary couple about to start work with a team taking the gospel to an unreached people group in North Africa. For security, the country was not disclosed, nor am I posting their names.  Paul preached form Is 53, good as ever . Then for lunch we lived up to our name of International Presbyterian Church. Our guests were form Kenya and a couple whose background is Canadian, Peruvian and Scottish. Evening sermon as Paul concluding his Jonah series. He told us the main point of both book and chapter is that Jonah had to learn, 'you are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love, '

Monday 20th, I finished Spencer's Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam. In the evening we watched the very moving autobiographical WWI film, Vera Brittain's Testament of Youth. Both reviewed on this blog.

Tuesday 21st, There were 8 of us at early IPC prayers, our monthly early meeting. Ealing Lunchtime Talks saw Paul expound all of Rom 11. He gave us the two views of 'all Israel will be saved' declining to state his own choice. I mentioned that for me it could not mean a future large scale conversion of ethnic Israel for if so we lose the doctrine of the immanent return of Christ. There are no remaining signs preceding the coming of the Lord. He might come today. Back to no fibre diet in preparation for a second colostomy procedure.

Wednesday 22nd  Cardiologist consultant tells me the since my atrial fibrillation 8 years ago, the heart is stable but he will continue annual appointments but now these are at a Hanwell surgery. I so not need to be a hospital outpatient. I will not describe the messy details of the evening save to say overdosing on laxatives as per the hospital's instruction is a case of 'Runs rabbit runs' together with fasting from noon.

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