Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Diary 26 to 28 Feb 17 - awaiting surgery

Sunday 26th - I ruined Debbie's beauty sleep getting her to drive me to the hospital for an injection to prevent DVT  during surgery (thrombosis). It was only after I agreed on Friday to three hospital visits for injection I realised we had helpful nurses in the church who would have saved us the journeys. But I was able to be back for adult Sunday School at 10 where our speaker was a Presbyterian pastor fromWarsaw. His talk on John a Lasco, father of the Reformation in Poland was most informative. The he preached and came to us for lunch. Once again it was an internationals lunch with other guests from USA, Italy and Ireland. In the evening I expounded Genesis 1 at the Immigration Removal Centre.

Monday 27th Katy drove me to the hospital for the injection. The surgeon was doing his rounds and told us that he may do a smaller operation with a stay of one night only. It all depends on what he sees on the ultrasound scan of the cancer. From St Mark's I went to Ealing Hospital for a regular appointment in urology. Two drugs and staying off all caffeine has not done s lot except dry my mouth. Bt I was able to ask the consultant why urology at St Mars's also wanted to see me. To my surprise he was able to bring up on his screen the MRI at St Mark's last week and he showed me a small abnormality on one kidney which he said is what the St Mark's consultant would be investigating to see if that might be malignant. In the evening we had a good session meeting planning future ministry and dates for prospective new elders submitting their papers for presbytery examination.

Tuesday 28th. Another injection first thing followed by an ultrasound scan of the cancer. Having an enema then a probe inserted for 15 minutes where the sun don't shine was not pleasant. It revealed cancer near the colon wall and I was told it was up to the surgeon whether he would do minor surgery from below to remove the cancer or longer surgery to take out part of the colon too. In the afternoon I heard I was to be admitted Wednesday for surgery on Thursday and home Friday. So minor procedure it is.

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