Saturday, February 25, 2017

Diary 23 to 25 Feb 17

Thursday 17th Had my second colonoscopy in two weeks at St Mask's Hospital, Harrow. I had injections for sedation making this time a less uncomfortable experience.I was encouraged by the surgeon's conclusion that I do not need to have all the colon removed for that would have necessitated a stoma (bag). He says the polyps  (non-malignant growths) were mainly in the lower colon so he will recommend removal of that when the cancer is removed. That was Thursday morning. In the afternoon I had a community cardiologist appointment in Hanwell. The consultant said my heart condition was not a cause for concern at present but he continues to want regular monitoring. This follows my treatment for cardiac arrhythmias in Hammersmith Hospital about 8 years ago.

Friday 23rd Katy took me back to Northwick Park Hospital Harrow. It shares a site with St Mark's and I was there for a second MRI scan, this time liver and kidneys. It involved about 45 minutes in the scanner with about eight times instructions to hold ones breath for about 15 seconds at a stretch. When we returned from Nigeria in 1982 MRI was an experimental procedure in some London hospitals. Now this hospital alone has three suites of scanners. Next I was at the ophthalmic clinic in Hanwell where I was told I had incipient glaucoma so now it will be eye drops every night. Back home I did something never done before. I gave the lawns their first cut of the year, an event usually done in early April.

Then  I had a call from St Marks telling me I was being booked for an ultrasound scan of the tumour next week.What I did not expect was to be told of an appointment for a pre-surgical assessment. Even more surprising was to be invited to come back to the hospital that afternoon which I did. The assessment took a nearly three hour stay. I was told to expect surgery next Wednesday. I was also booked in for earlier procedures, injections of anticoagulant, echocardiogram and consultation with stoma nurse. It is all happening. Well I hope it is. We will be getting a five day ticket for hospital parking. This day cost us £13. NHS is free at the point of need but not its car parks.

Saturday 24th, A quiet day enjoying seeing wins for LeedsUnited, Scotland and Ireland then an enjoyable quiz evening at Holy Cross, Greenford.

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