Thursday, February 09, 2017

Diary 7 to 8 Feb 17

On Monday I posted about my cancer diagnosis. This afternoon I am to have a CT scan. At least that will be more pleasant than an hour or so on an operating table with a TV camera tube up you know where which was my Monday afternoon. The CT is I understand to see if there is any cancer in other parts of the body.

Preparation for Mondays procedure involved drastic doses of laxative to clear out the bowel. So I needed to change trousers and did I thought empty the pockets of the pair being changed. It was only when I looked for my mobile that I realised it was with the trousers in the washing machine. It came out clean and after an overnight drying it now works perfectly. The moral of this may not only be to carefully empty pockets but an old Nokia does not drown easily like a modern smartphone. Katy has one but I refuse.

Monday I rejoiced in HM's Sapphire Jubilee,. My first recollection of world events is on this month in 1952, the death of the king.

On Tuesday I led or University of the Third Age (U3A) World religions meeting on Secularism and discovered the Wikipedia article on this is utter rubbish. Anyone fancy a rewriting?

Wednesday was the first meting of the new U3A History 3 group. I am the convenor and we meet at our house while Katy is out teaching English. We decided on a topic for the term, The 30 Years War, suggested by a member of German origin. She will do the first one, introduction. The I will do April's. I rounded off the meeting with my paper on the Westminster ConAssembly.

Then I enjoyed the blessing of a pastoral visit. After we talked and prayed I wished him an unhappy Saturday afternoon when  his  beloved Wales host England in Cardiff.

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